2014 Bike Shipping Information

There are two easy ways to ship your bike to the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon:

1. Use TriBike Transport and your bike is shipped fully assembled to and from your local bike shop. LEARN MORE>>

2. Use Sports Basement and your bike is shipped dissassembled to and from your home. Sports Basement will receive and assemble your bike for the race and dissasemble and assist in shipping your bike after the race. LEARN MORE>>

TriBike Transport

TriBike Transport has transported more than 30,000 bikes for athletes competing in more than 30 Ironman events and other triathlons since its founding three years ago. TBT has earned a reputation for providing excellent service and outstanding convenience to athletes traveling to an event, while revolutionizing how athletes travel to races. Escape the hassle of shipping your own bike and let us transport your bike to Escape from Alcatraz.

Here’s what one of our recent customers had to say about our service:

“I just wanted to send a modest note to express my thanks for another job well done. Everyone I had a chance to interact with before arriving to and during my time in Madison was super friendly and very helpful. Your services are well operated and extremely convenient to us as participants; thank you for doing your part to help ensure one of the many moving parts of the race goes smoothly and without incident.”

David B. – Ford Ironman Wisconsin 2008

TriBike Transport offers a convenient alternative to dismantling your bike, packing it in a case, hauling it to the airport, paying the airlines up to $150 each way (plus applicable overweight charges) to check it, renting a larger vehicle to transport the case at your destination, reassembling your bike before your race and repeating the entire process for the trip home.

It’s simple:

1. Make a reservation online.

2. Drop off your bike at a local partner shop (fully assembled, less your pedals).

3. TriBike Transport will pick it up as-is and drive it to your event.

4. When you arrive, pick up your bike, just as you left it.  We will be setup inside the Sports Basement, Presidio (610 Old Mason St.) in the Triathlon Dept.

5. After your race, walk your bike over to the TriBike Transport drop-off area, next to the finish line and forget about it until you get home. (BIKE DROP OFF AFTER THE RACE IS NOT AT SPORTS BASEMENT)

All this hassle-free convenience for a price below what most airlines charge: New partner shop locations being added; check our site regularly for one near you.

Spots are still available, but limited.

For more information, including a list of our partner shops and areas served, please visit:www.tribiketransport.comor contact them directly at info@tribiketransport.com.

Sports Basement

Sports Basement is accepting up to 200 bikes for assembly, disassembly and return shipping.

Ship your bike in your bike case or take it to your local shop and have it boxed and shipped Fed-Ex or UPS to:

Sports Basement
c/o Escape from Alcatraz
The Presidio of San Francisco
610 Old Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94129

After the event, Sports Basement will help pack up your bike and assist in shipment back to your front door.
To reserve your space, call 415-437-0100

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