2015 Bike Shipping Information

There are two easy ways to ship your bike to the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon:

1. Use TriBike Transport and your bike is shipped fully assembled to and from your local bike shop. LEARN MORE>>

2. Use Sports Basement and your bike is shipped dissassembled to and from your home. Sports Basement will receive and assemble your bike for the race and dissasemble and assist in shipping your bike after the race. LEARN MORE>>

2015 TriBike Logo
TriBike Transport (TBT) provides trusted, economical, hassle-free bike transport service to and from the 2015 Escape From Alcatraz Triathlon. Reserve your space today for premium bike transport.

Fully Assembled Bike Transport

The original Fully Assembled Bike Transport service for cyclists and triathletes alike. For an additional fee TBT will take your wheel bag and a gear bag, too!

Pack & Ship Bike Transport

TBT offers Pack & Ship service to athletes living in areas that their trucks just can’t get to. You’re only responsible for dis-assembling and boxing your bike for outbound shipping and then re-assembly once your bike is returned home. TBT will handle the rest!

Valet Service*

Take the night off and use TBT’s optional Valet Service. Whether you shipped your bike with TBT or not –TBT will pick up your bike and bags (bike and run) from transition after your race. Two unique Valet Services to choose from:

  • Next Day Valet – stop by TBT’s corral the day after the race for your pedals and bags (and bike too, if you’ve got your own transportation)
  • Finish & Fly – leave it to TBT to pack your bags in a gorgeous TBT Duffle and ship it home with your bike. The duffle is yours to keep!

 Travel light with TBT!

Sports Basement

Sports Basement is accepting up to 200 bikes for assembly, disassembly and return shipping.

Ship your bike in your bike case or take it to your local shop and have it boxed and shipped Fed-Ex or UPS to:

Sports Basement
c/o Escape from Alcatraz
The Presidio of San Francisco
610 Old Mason Street
San Francisco, CA 94129

After the event, Sports Basement will help pack up your bike and assist in shipment back to your front door.
To reserve your space, call 415-437-0100

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